H E L L O !

Firstly if you’re reading this, THANK YOU. You’re officially helping my Stay-At-Home-Mum dreams become a reality because halle-freaking-lujah, I’ve finally started my blog … which I’ve talked about … for FIVE YEARS. Hey, it’s not my fault. I kind of just kept having babies [shakes fist at very good-looking husband] and now after three of them (babies that is, not husbands!) I’m finally and truly ready to pretend I have a life outside of drop-offs, pickups and poo patrol and get my writing into the big bad world.

I love to write. Always have. I studied journalism before starting a career in magazines. Then I became a SAHM. If I’m honest, that’s what I always wanted to be. I totally cocooned myself into this terrifying new world of full-time Mumming and writing about it became my therapy when I didn’t know how to handle confronting situations (which was, and still is, often). Now it’s the ONLY thing I can do that is just for ME – where I have no other humans hanging off me, whining at me to find their water bottle (this happens approximately 50 times a day) or ripping my hair out simply to get my undivided attention. And now I’m addicted to my mumblings in the night – even though it’s far too late and I should be sleeping.

In this space you’ll read just about anything to do with my stay-at-home musings on life with my three little Knights, and of course my hubby, who is literally my valiant Knight in shining armour (minus the actual armour). And a brilliant Dad.

I pretty much live off COFFEE, The Real Housewives franchise (our lives are very similar), my amazing family network, and supportive/hilarious text messages from my girlfriends, who I plan to catch up with sometime before the kids put me into a retirement home (face-to-face contact with real people is a bit of a stretch these days, don’t you find?).

Hope you enjoy my Knight Mumblings and feel free to let me know what you think!

Katey (aka K-MUMbler) x x